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Bar Stools

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Bar stools are a type of tall chair, often with a foot rest to support the feet. The height and narrowness of bar stools makes them suitable for use at bars and high tables in pubs or bars. In the 2010s, bar stools are becoming more popular in homes, usually placed at the kitchen counter or at a home bar.[citation needed] Bar stools are becoming more popular in homes because they are available in varied styles. As well, bar stools allow for a higher view when eating, drinking, or socializing.

Bar furniture adds elegance to your living room. It enhances the charm when you have to arrange a party at your place. A bar set has many furniture components. The most essential part of the furniture is the bar stool. DHARTI FURNIURE offers an array of designs for the bar stools. These stools are designed to give you and your guests the best comfort while relaxing over a drink. You may choose the best stool that will increase the utility and also occupy less amount of space. You will get these stools in different heights and shapes. You may opt for the regular circular, stylish cubed or the classy cocoon shape as per your choice. Pick the wooden stools that will co-ordinate with your existing furniture and give you the best strength and durability. This bar furniture can be accompanied with stylish bar cabinets, bar trolleys and wine racks.

Choose Dharti Furniture to buy bar stools and get a lot of variety. You may go for a seat in stool form or the comfort-enhancing chair form. Pick the hydraulic chairs that will help you to adjust the height and accordingly suit every guest. Add cushion to your stool so that your guests feel more relaxed. As per your comfort you may choose a stool with or without wheels. You also get an elaborate range of designs for bar stools from Pepperfry. The contemporary style will give a vibrant look to your home bar furniture when complemented with correct lighting and colors. There is also a set of modern stools that will help to modernize the decor of your living room. The colonial style chairs add grace and are often characterized by the use of curves in its pattern. The eclectic pieces are